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Every home and business has different factors that contribute to its overall energy consumption.  Weatherization is one of the most important steps to take in reducing this energy consumption.  A typical un-weatherized building in the U.S. has the added equivalent of a 4 square foot hole open to the outside elements year-round.  The process of weatherization involves sealing and insulating critical areas throughout the building to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort.  After completion, the typical homeowner can save 25-40% on their heating and cooling bills while also reducing their carbon footprint!.


Blown Cellulose Insulation


Blown cellulose insulation is a fantastic resource in sustainable building practices. Not only that, it is a tremendous insulator that can be used in many applications. Blown cellulose is composed of recycled newspaper, a fire retardant and binding agents. When installed in attics or walls blown cellulose can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs while increasing indoor air quality.


Benefits of adding Blown Cellulose Insulation are:


  • Shown to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.
  • Can reduce the size of required heating and cooling systems.
  • Shown to improve indoor air quality.
  • Sound deadening qualities.
  • Creates a continuous thermal envelope.
  • Our blown cellulose products contain the highest renewable resource content available.


Spray Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is an incredibly effective building product when properly installed.  Our installers are manufacturer trained and we utilize only high quality material delivering a great finished product every time.  Spray foam can dramatically increase R values, restrict airflow while also increasing the structural integrity of a building.  Spray foam can be installed in both new construction and retrofit applications.  We install both open and closed cell spray foam depending upon the requirements of the job.  

Contact us today to discuss the potential options for using spray foam on your next project.  



Air Sealing


Air sealing is arguably the most important step in the process of properly weatherizing a home or business.  The transfer of inside conditioned air to the outside and vice versa leads to the greatest overall loss of energy in a building.  Utilizing the proper materials and methods our technicians seal the thermal envelope of your building while maintaining high indoor air quality.  Upon completion, results from the final blower door test will show the overall reduction of air flow in the home.  Lower blower door numbers equal lower heating and cooling costs! 


New Construction


New building code energy requirements are here to stay and compliance with the codes may not be straight forward.  We can assist you in meeting these new requirements with our knowledge and expertise in building science and code.  We can also help you navigate the potential rebates available for your project. Contact us today about your upcoming new construction or major renovation project.  



Crawl Space Remediation


Unfortunately many homeowners suffer from damp and musty basements and crawl spaces.  This is ecspecially true here on Cape Cod due to our proximity to the ocean.  Typically these spaces were doomed from the beginning as they were constructed before too much thought was put into actual building science. Using the latest in materials and methodology we can eliminate these problems, leaving you with a dry, clean and odor free space.  Many of our clients end up utilizing these spaces as additional storage.  Contact us today to discuss your crawlspace or basement issues. 




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